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Our business offers consultancy in a multitude of areas from research work that we conduct on behalf of Vehicle Manufacturers and Funding Companies, to more individual queries like:

·         What vans are available that could take a 4.1 metre kitchen worktop?

·         What are the benefits to me of LPG ?

·        I pay for my employees’ personal fuel in their company cars – but they are complaining they pay too much tax !

·         I have the option to have a company car or take salary in lieu. Which way is better for me?

·        Although I use my own car for work my company insures me on their fleet insurance policy. Do I have to pay Benefit in Kind (BIK) taxation?

·        I am a VAT registered business that has 10 company cars and 5 pool cars. What is the best way for me to pay for these?

The list is endless - if we don't know the answer, we'll make sure we find out for you.



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